Saturday, 1 February 2014

REVIEW! Harvester Cookie Dough, Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Stack

Harvester Cookie Dough, Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Stack

Both Mr Review Addict and I have fond memories of Harvester from where we were kids and the thing that always gets mentioned is the Rocky Horror dessert which we both remembered as an ice cream sundae in a glass the size of a bucket. These days we don't go to Harvester very often but after hearing about their Cookie Dough, Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Stack we decided that it was worth a visit.

Rocky Horror is still on the menu after all these years which is good to see although they they don't seem as ginormous as the desserts from our childhood, but perhaps that is because we are bigger now!

Anyway, the Cookie Dough, Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Stack costs £4.29 and is layers of warm chocolate fudge brownie, caramel and cookie dough. It also comes with a little bowl of Cornish vanilla ice cream. It comes in at a whopping 980 calories but for something like this if I am going to eat it then calories are the last thing on my mind.

I can see why it is called a stack because it is a big, tall dessert and it was absolutely coated in chocolate fudge sauce. I have moaned before about decorating desserts with leaves (or even worse strawberries without the stalks removed...a pet hate of mine!) so I wasn't impressed by the sprig of mint, it's just unnecessary. This is a Harvester, people go there for good value food and I very much doubt that they require some greenery added to their dessert, however I can forgive this as long as the dessert is tasty...and it really was!

The brownie was warm and cakey in texture rather than the dense stodgy type which was a good thing with the amount of sauce. The cookie dough was lighter in texture than I had expected but tasted delicious and the caramel added even more sweetness to an already very sweet dessert. The fact that it was warm made it even better and the whippy style Cornish ice cream was a great accompaniment if you like the combination of hot and cold.

This dessert is not for the faint hearted and even I, who can easily polish off a Rocky Horror to myself struggled to eat this and ended up giving half to Mr Review Addict. I absolutely loved it though and this is my idea of dessert heaven!


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