Wednesday, 29 January 2014

REVIEW! Tesco Finest Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts

Tesco Finest Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts

As well as their fantastic Finest à la Carte £20 Valentine's Day Menu, Tesco also have a range of Valentine's day chocolatey treats. Their PR people very kindly sent me some to review and these Finest Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts sounded delicious; hazelnut and chocolate is always a popular combination in our house!

They are described as Belgian milk chocolate hearts filled with a rich hazelnut cream. The 100g box contains 587 calories and costs £3.00

Tesco Finest Milk Chocolate Praline HeartsTesco Finest Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts

The 8 little hearts are beautifully presented in a pink box with a window so that you can seem them all lined up in their silver wrappers. It's a good quality box made from nice sturdy cardboard, I really do think that decent packaging is important, especially on a box of chocolates!

Tesco Finest Milk Chocolate Praline Hearts

The chocolates are a decent size, definitely 2 bites for me and the milk chocolate was very nice. Although the box said hazelnut cream I was still expecting something a bit more like a truffle, I suppose similar to the Cadbury Hazelnut Hearts but there were much better! The filling was light, creamy and rich. The texture was smooth with a delicious strong hazelnut flavour.

Lovely little chocolates from Tesco Finest, both Mr Review Addict and I loved them and for £3.00 you really can't go wrong!


  1. I want my local Tesco to get their Valentines stock already!

    1. My local store already has some things. I will be reviewing more choccys tomorrow!