Saturday, 21 December 2013

REVIEW! Beanies Irish Cream Flavour Instant Coffee

Beanies Irish Cream Flavour Instant Coffee

I picked up this Beanies Irish Cream Instant coffee in Sainsbury's a few weeks back. I don't drink much instant coffee but Irish Cream flavour sounded too good to pass up. I hadn't heard of Beanies before but after looking them up I see that they do lots of different flavours of coffee, both instant and ground varieties. The 50g jar cost £2.50.

Beanies Irish Cream Flavour Instant CoffeeBeanies Irish Cream Flavour Instant Coffee

To make the coffee you use 1 teaspoon per mug and add water. The granules dissolved easily and the Irish Cream and coffee aroma smelt amazing.

I tried it without sugar to start with to see how sweet it was but it was slightly too bitter for me so I added 1 teaspoon which was just enough. I usually have 2 sugars so this coffee was slightly sweeter than what I usually have. The sugar really brought out the Irish cream flavour and it was lovely. The coffee itself wasn't majorly strong but the mix of the 2 flavours was tasty.

I enjoyed Beanies Irish Coffee, it made a nice change from my normal Americano. Hopefully I will be able to track down some of their other flavours, I particularly like the sound of the Pecan Nut Pie flavour and there are even some Limited Edition Christmas flavours like Mulled Spice and Christmas Pudding.

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