Wednesday, 4 September 2013

REVIEW! Kingdom Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino Centre

Kingdom Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino Centre

I am not sure if you will remember but I reviewed the Kingdom Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Centre bar a little while ago and at the same time I purchased the Cappuccino version. I found both bars in Waitrose and paid £1.89 for each.

Kingdom are a British company and they have some really interesting bars in their range including the Lemon and Lime centre which I REALLY want to try but haven't managed to track down yet, and a very unusual Rhubarb and Vanilla centre. As a hater of rhubarb I have been too scared to try the latter but you can check out a review of it over on Kev's Snack Reviews.

The Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino bar is described as "a whisked coffee and milk chocolate centre boldy sitting in a creamy milk chocolate shell". It is a 100g bar and contains 559 calories in the whole thing.

Kingdom Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino Centre

The bar has 12 sections, each with the Kingdom crown logo on it and I also just wanted to point out the packaging because I think that it looks fantastic! They have kept it quite simple but the combination of colours really mean that these bars stand out on the shelf, I just really like the brown and green!

Kingdom Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino CentreKingdom Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino Centre

Like the peanut butter bar, the flavoured centre is not massively obvious on first look, it's more like a little blob in the centre. Having enjoyed the Kingdom milk chocolate before, I knew to expect the same good quality, creamy tasting chocolate but I was actually a bit unsure if I was going to like this bar when I purchased it. As I mentioned when I reviewed the Ritter Sport Espresso bar the other day, I like my coffee strong and cappuccino is the opposite of that to me so I wasn't sure how it would translate into a chocolate bar and whether it might be a bit too "milky". 

I need not have worried though, the coffee flavour, although quite subtle and not as obvious as in that Ritter Sport bar, was really nice! The chocolate was as good as I expected and the coffee gave it a nice interesting edge.

Another fantastic bar from Kingdom and I look forward to tracking down the other bars in the range.


  1. Thanks for the mention Hannah! :) I've seen this bar in Waitrose and wasn't sure whether to buy or not..wish I had now!

    I've tried the lemon and lime one myself - it's very nice, it kinda reminds me of those chocolate lime sweets.

  2. These sound cool perhaps a trip to Waitrose is in order :)