Tuesday, 25 June 2013

REVIEW! ChokaBlok Banoffee Bonanza

ChokaBlok Banoffee Bonanza

I've done a lot of ChokaBlok reviews recently and can I just start by saying that I am not paid by ChokaBlok or Tesco to write them. I don't get paid for ANY of my reviews but I do quite often get sent freebies from various companies but my opinions will always be completely honest.

The reason I just wanted to make this point is that rarely do I give a poor rating, especially when it comes to ChokaBlok and that is not because there is any bias, I just genuinely love the majority of their products! When I review any product, I tend to pick things that I am pretty certain I enjoy because where would the fun be in reviewing something not to my taste? Having said that, I do read blogs where people seem to enjoy eating particularly rank things and although I enjoy reading those posts it is just not my style.

Anyway, back to the review! This ChokaBlok Banoffee Bonanza actually wasn't a freebie, it was something that I purchased myself. From Tesco of course seeing as ChokaBlok is exclusive to Tesco. It cost me £1.40 and 1/4 of the bar (or 20g) contains 110 calories. It is also suitable for veggies.

ChokaBlok Banoffee Bonanza

This is part of a new range of bars from ChokaBlok and the range includes some other dessert based favourites such as Excreme Brûlée and Very Berry Eton Mess. Banoffee Bonazna is a milk chocolate bar and it is swirled with banana flavour white chocolate. It is topped with dried banana slices and toffee pieces.

ChokaBlok Banoffee Bonanza

I don't recall every trying banana flavoured chocolate before but it was delicious. It didn't have a hardcore banana taste, it was quite subtle and sweet. I have always loved dried banana and these added a really lovely crunch and of course more banana flavour. The toffee pieces were not the chewy kind, they were more like a hard butter scotch, so more texture from these and with all these elements together it was a very nice take on one of my favourite desserts.

ChokaBlok have done it again and created a fantastic bar. I throughly enjoyed the banana with the chocolate and there was just enough toffee to keep it "banoffee". I will be stocking up on this one because apparently it's a limited edition!


  1. This sounds delicious! Unfortunately none of my local Tescos seem to stock the new Chokablok range :(

    1. Really? That is rubbish! They took a while to come into all the stores near me so hopefully they are on the way to you!