Thursday, 16 May 2013

REVIEW! Kit Kat Big Little - Green Tea

Kit Kat Big Little - Green Tea

The other day I reviewed some Green Tea Oreos from Candysan and today it's another Green Tea product in the form of these Green Tea flavoured Kit Kat "Big Little", also from Candysan. They are basically Kit Kat bites that are covered in a green tea flavoured white chocolate. They came in a 37g bag which contains 196 calories,

The little, almost cube-shaped bites smell mostly of white chocolate with just a hint of the green tea. and the chocolate coating is quite thick. It is a lovely bright green with some darker green speckles.

Kit Kat Big Little - Green Tea

The green tea flavour is quite subtle compared to the Oreos. I think that the white chocolate tones it down a bit and makes it much sweeter. It is a nice flavour though and I always enjoy the crunchy familiar texture of a Kit Kat.

I know that there are a lot of crazy Kit Kat flavours out there and this is probably one of the tamer ones. I enjoyed these little green tea bites but I would have preferred the chocolate to have been milk or dark to really compliment the green tea flavour. I get why they went with white though, I am sure they wouldn't have got the nice green colour otherwise. You can purchase these Green Tea Kit Kat Big Little from Candysan for ¥170 which is about £1.09.

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  1. The coating on these looks exactly the same as the Green Tea Kit Kat Minis I tried today! They're really cute too, I love the idea of the round shaped "bites".