Saturday, 4 May 2013

REVIEW! Glico Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky

Glico Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky

I was recently sent a few bits to review from Japanese Snack specialists Candysan and was very excited when my parcel arrived because this is my first proper introduction to the world of Japanese snacks!

The first product that I am reviewing is these Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky from Glico. I've tried Mikado before which are very similar to Pocky but these looked way more exciting with their very knobbly appearance. They come in a cardboard box and then within that box was 3 individual packets containing 4 Pocky (or is that Pockys? I am not sure of the plural of Pocky).

Glico Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky

If you have never tried Pocky then they are basically thin sticks of biscuits, almost like pretzel. They come in all sorts of crazy flavours including these awesome Coffee Cookie Crush Pocky featuring Snoopy as reviewed by Grocery Gems. Katherine has reviewed loads of Pocky flavours so be sure to check out her other reviews too.

These Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky are available from Candysan for ¥170 which works out about £1.10.

Glico Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky

Despite the fairly thick layer of chocolate, these Pocky didn't taste massively chocolatey to me, the almond was definitely the dominant flavour here but that was fine with me as I love almonds. The sticks were very crunchy and had a very slight saltiness to them which made them very moreish.

I really enjoyed these Pocky and I have another flavour to review so I am looking foward to trying those. Check out Candysan's online store as they have some really interesting products from Japan...I can't wait to try the Green Tea Oreos! 


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Hannah. I've become a real Pocky fan lately. I haven't tried these Almond Pocky Crush but I'd probably love them!

    And I lol'd at the plural of Pocky! I have no idea either :)

    1. Always welcome! The banana Pocky that you reviewed a while ago sounded awesome, I am going to have to track them down at some point!