Monday, 6 May 2013

REVIEW! Briska Craft Cider - Pear and Pomegranate Flavours

Briska Craft CiderBriska Craft Cider

I am a big fan of cider so I was thrilled to be asked to review Briska Craft Cider. Briska is a Swedish cider from Ă–sterlen which is located on the south coast of Sweden. Apparently Briska is the only Swedish Craft Cider available in the UK and they have just launched a new 50cl bottle. I was sent a bottle of their Pear Cider and a very exciting sounding Pomegranate Cider but there is also an Apple Cider available.

A 50cl bottle of Briska Pear Cider contains 4.5% alc/vol. It smelt lovely and fresh and was a fairly clear colour with a slight greenish tinge to it. The pear scent was lovely and so was the taste; it was sweet and crisp so was easy to drink, unlike some pear ciders which can be too syrupy and stick in the back of your throat. It was fairly fizzy but not too gassy and was very refreshing, I have to say this is one of the nicest pear ciders I have tasted.

Briska Pomegranate Cider contains 4.0% alc/vol and had a a pinkish colour to it. It smells very fresh and fruity; the press release describes it as having a hint of grapefruit but to me I could smell apples and of course pomegranate rather than grapefruit. The taste was delicious, it just felt more sophisticated than a regular cider and even more refreshing than the pear flavour. It was sweet and fizzy, again without being too gassy and the pomegranate flavour was really nice.

I enjoyed both ciders from Briska but my favourite was the pomegrante flavour. It was unusual and so refreshing and easy to drink. It went down a treat with the nice weather that we have been having this weekend and I will most certainly be looking out for Briska Craft Cider when it hits the supermarkets later this year.

Check out the Briska website, there is an awesome sounding recipe for the Briska Cider Apple Sling which I will definately be trying!

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