Wednesday, 8 May 2013

REVIEW! Bourbon Strawberry Mochi Chocolat

Bourbon Strawberry Mochi Chocolat

Do you remember the Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky that I reviewed the other day? Well Japanese Snack specialists Candysan also sent me these Strawberry Mochi Chocolat.

I had never seen or heard of mochi chocolate until now, apparently they are soft rice cakes and I really had no idea what to expect when I tried them. This box contained 2 individually wrapped packs of 4 sweets. In the individual packs there was little packet of something that I assume is to keep them fresh; it said not to eat it so I binned it.

Bourbon Strawberry Mochi ChocolatBourbon Strawberry Mochi Chocolat

The Mochi Chocolat looked quite strange, Mr Review Addict reckons that they look like peaches. The texture is like a really soft jelly and the sweets have 3 layers to them. The outside jelly part doesn't really taste of much but the 2nd creamy layer has a really strong strawberry flavour and then the centre is chocolate.

Bourbon Strawberry Mochi Chocolat

I couldn't really get on with the texture of the Mochi Chocolate, it just felt too strange to me but I did enjoy the taste and quite liked the strawberry flavour mixed with the hint of chocolate. Mochi Chocolat are available from Candysan for ¥215 (about £1.40) and they also do this Green Tea Flavour!

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  1. These sound a bit weird but I'm rather intrigued by them! They really do look like little peaches.