Friday, 10 May 2013

REVIEW! Asda Chosen By You Savoury Cheese and Chive Profiteroles

Another trip to Asda in my lunch break and another new product to try! These Asda Chosen By You Savoury Cheese and Chive Profiteroles intrigued me and were a very reasonable £1 so I thought that it would be rude not to try them. The bag weighs 60g and 4 profiteroles contains 76 calories.

They are described as Choux Pasty Profiteroles with a cheese and chive filling. Now you have probably gathered that these are not profiteroles in the traditional sense, they are not a chewy sweet pasty like in the dessert and there is no chocolate involved either. 

These little domes are savoury snacks and the outside pasty is ridiculously light and crispy with a toasted cheese and slightly salty flavour to it.

The cheese and chive creamy filling is delicious, it's a very soft and light cheese and the chive flavour is quite strong. I was also getting a hint of garlic so I best get on the Tic Tacs after munching on these. The best way that I can describe these snacks is they are like a posh Cheese Football!

I really like these little snacks, the texture is delightful and they had a nice strong flavour to them. Very nice posh nibbles!

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