Thursday, 18 April 2013

REVIEW! Wonka Laffy Taffy Ropes

Wonka Laffy Taffy Ropes

The lovely people over at Yankee Pop recently sent me a few products to review which I was extremely chuffed about because as regular readers will know, I love things from the USA! One of the things that I got sent was this Laffy Taffy.

Laffy Taffy is made by Wonka which is owned by Nestle. The name Laffy Taffy refers I am sure to the silly jokes that are written on the side of the wrapper...they are pretty terrible but these sweets are aimed at kids and so of course they need to be child friendly jokes. These jokes appear to be sent in by children as they seem to be credited on the wrapper.

Wonka Laffy Taffy Ropes

Laffy Taffy ropes are available from Yankee Pop for 50p each and they stock quite a few flavours. I was sent 3 of them: Banana, Strawberry and Cherry. Each rope contains just 80 calories and weighs 22.9g.

Wonka Laffy Taffy Ropes

The taffy is lovely and soft and you can easily bite a bit off, not like those Refresher bars that we used to have as kids where they were so chewy you could almost pull your own teeth out with them.

Now these are not natural flavours but you wouldn't expect that from this sort of sweet. The strawberry flavour was OK but I much preferred the other 2: banana reminded me of those foam banana sweets and I really love that artificial banana taste but my favourite was the Cherry which had a cherry bakewell flavour to it.

The big kid in me loved Laffy Taffy. It's not the sort of thing I would eat all the time but I loved the strong flavours and next time I am craving some sugary sweets I would definitely go for these if they were more readily available in the UK.

You can buy American sweets online from Yankee Pop's website. They also have a Facebook page and you can follow them on Twitter.

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  1. oooh these sound good, l love that artificial banana flavour too lol