Sunday, 7 April 2013

REVIEW! Lindt Hello Range...Nice to Sweet You!

Lindt Hello Range - Just For You Hearts

Lindt's PR company kindly sent me these chocolates from Lindt's Hello Range to review. I was sent 3 different items to try: Just for You Hearts, some Mini Nougat Crunch bars and a bag of Crispy Balls.

I must admit that I have not heard much about the Hello range in the UK but there are some really interesting sounding chocolates to choose from. They are all nicely presented in a very sleek looking, predominantly black packaging and each product has it own little message that comes with it.

Lindt Hello Range - Just For You Hearts

First up we have the Just for You Hearts. These come in a really cute little heart shaped tin with the message "Hello, a tiny little something just for you" which implies that these are intended as a gift. These chocolates are priced at £3.49.

Lindt Hello Range - Just For You Hearts

You get 10 little chocolate hearts which are wrapped up in a shiny pink foil wrapper which makes them look very sweet and quite girly. The chocolate is embossed with the Lindt logo and is the usual high standard milk chocolate that I would expect from Lindt.

Lindt Hello Range - Mini Chocolates with Nougat CrunchLindt Hello Range - Mini Chocolates with Nougat Crunch

"Hello, we are some mini chocolates with nougat crunch" is the message that comes with these 6 individually wrapped little bars. Nougat Crunch bars are priced at £1.99 and come in a cardboard box which opens up a bit like a wallet.

Lindt Hello Range - Mini Chocolates with Nougat CrunchLindt Hello Range - Mini Chocolates with Nougat Crunch

The bars are about 7cm by 3cm and like the little chocolate hearts they are decorated with the Lindt logo. Some of the writing on the packaging is in German but Google Translate tells me that Waffelstruckchen is Waffle but I couldn't really taste anything resembling it. The chocolate however is lovely, it is very soft and nutty like praline and the nougat added a bit of texture.

Lindt Hello Range - Crispy Balls

Last but not least is the Crispy Balls. These come in a 100g bag and are priced at £2.99. These are really interesting; the outside is a truffle like praline flavoured chocolate which is coated with cocoa powder and the inside is a crispy nougat centre which has an almost wafer like texture; very tasty!

Lindt Hello Range - Crispy BallsLindt Hello Range - Crispy Balls

I think that the little tin of hearts is a bit expensive for the amount of chocolate that you get but I guess you are paying for the packaging and it would make a nice gift for someone. Other than that I was really impressed with the Lindt Hello Range. I liked all 3 of the products that I tried and I think my favourite were the Crispy Balls, I will definitely be on the look out for these.


  1. Ooooo Someones a very lucky lady, getting a package of deliciousness from Lindt eh? tehehe, can't beat lindt's chocolate....soooo creamy and delicious. These new products look super cool, unfortunately with lindt they are more of an expensive brand, I agree....but totally worth it. The crispy balls look absolutly scrummyyy!! Great review, Miss Hannah! :)

    1. Thanks Becca, the Crispy Balls really are nice. They are just so different too!