Wednesday, 20 March 2013

REVIEW! Tesco Finest Billionaires Cheesecake

Tesco Finest Billionaires CheesecakeTesco Finest Billionaires Cheesecake

That's right, I am having cheesecake for the 2nd night on the trot! This time Tesco Finest Billionaires Cheesecake and like the Tesco Finest Salted Caramel and Macadamia Cheesecake Slices that I reviewed yesterday, it is part of the new Tesco chilled desserts range. I purchased this using vouchers sent to me by Tesco's PR company in return for an honest review.

I paid £4.20 for this beast of a cheesecake which serves 6. 1 serving is 440 calories but it's a pretty decent sized serving. The Belgian milk chocolate cheesecake has pockets of caramel sauce and is on a digestive biscuit base. It is topped with Belgian chocolate ganache, gold cereal balls and gold dust.

The plastic cover around the edge was a bit of a nightmare to get off, it's the kind where you push the base up through a hole in the bottom. The base was 2 pieces of cardboard and I think that a plastic base would have been easier. It took me a while but I got then in the end and managed to keep the cheesecake in 1 piece. 

I have to say that I think that this cheesecake looked stunning, I absolutely loved the effect of the gold dust and gold cereal balls. I certainly wouldn't be embarrassed to serve this at a dinner party if I hadn't had chance to make my own dessert...not that I am a dinner party sort of girl but if I was, I reckon my guests would by more than happy to be served this cheesecake.

Tesco Finest Billionaires Cheesecake

The cheesecake was a touch heavier than yesterday's Tesco Finest Salted Caramel and Macadamia Cheesecake Slices but it was still nice and creamy and of course chocolatey. The pockets of caramel sauce added a richness and the chocolate ganache on top was silky and smooth.

At first I thought that £4.20 for a cheesecake from a supermarket was quite pricey but you do get what you pay for. The presentation is fantastic and it tasted really good. I have to admit though, that I did prefer yesterday's Salted Caramel and Macadamia cheesecake because the texture was nicer and it was altogether a more interesting dessert. That said, I would definitely buy the Tesco Finest Billionaires Cheesecake again.

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  1. I usually only like cheesecake if it's New York style (baked vanilla!), but you're really tempting me with these ones! :)