Monday, 25 March 2013

REVIEW! Tesco Chocolate Caramel Crazy Maze Cheesecake Wedges

Tesco Chocolate Caramel Crazy Maze Cheesecake Wedges

Having just about recovered from all the cheesecake that I have been eating recently, I thought that it was time to review another one from the new range of chilled desserts from Tesco. This is Tesco Chocolate Caramel Crazy Maze Cheesecake Wedges and like the Pecan Pie Wedges that I reviewed the other day, this is part of their American inspired desserts range.

This pack of 2 slices costs £2.00 (I used vouchers provided by Tesco's PR Company in exchange for an honest review) and each slice contains 345 calories.

Tesco Chocolate Caramel Crazy Maze Cheesecake Wedges

The box describes the cheesecake as having a crisp chocolatey digestive biscuit base, topped with caramel and chocolate cheesecake and toffee sauce. It is finished with a chocolate ganache, white chocolate curls, chocolate honeycomb pieces and brownie cubes. That is quite a lot to pack into a slice of cheesecake!

The base was really delicious and as well as being chocolatey it has a slight hint of saltiness to it. The cheesecake was thick, rich and sweet and I especially enjoyed the caramel part. The best bit however was all the lovely toppings!

Out of the 3 cheesecakes that I have tried from Tesco's new range of chilled desserts, this was my favourite, there is just so many awesome things packed into this dessert!


  1. if this isn't food porn then i dunno what is...

    1. Yes, it was a bit awesome! Double lengths at swimming for me tomorrow!