Friday, 22 March 2013

REVIEW! Tesco Billionaires Profiteroles and Lemon and White Chocolate Cake Slice

Tesco Billionaire's Profiteroles

Here is 2 more desserts from Tesco's new chilled dessert range which I got to try thanks to their PR company sending me some vouchers in return for honest reviews. This time I am sampling some of their delicious cream cakes.

First up we have a box of 3 Billionaires Profiteroles which cost £1.29 with each profiterole containing 85 calories.

Tesco Billionaire's ProfiterolesTesco Billionaire's Profiteroles

These little choux pastries are filled with caramel cream and topped with a Belgian chocolate sauce and have little pieces of gold coloured fudge on the top.

The choux pastry was excellent and I loved the caramel cream! The Belgian Chocolate on the top was thick and tasted lovely and although I couldn't really make out the taste of the fudge it looked fabulous. I love that Tesco have taken a classic dessert and one that some people see as quite old fashioned and given it a modern and extra tasty twist. Tesco also do a a pack of 3 Chocolate Orange Crunch Profiteroles.

Lemon and White Chocolate Cake Slice

Next up we have the Lemon and White Chocolate Cake Slice.  This comes as an individual cake in it's own box and is priced at £1.29. The whole cake contains 255 calories.

The cake is made up of layers of sponge, topped with lemon mousse and finished with a lemony glaze and Belgian White Chocolate curls. 

Lemon and White Chocolate Cake Slice

The sponge is just perfect, it is so light, as is the mousse and I absolutely loved the combination of the lemon and white chocolate. The glaze on the top is nice and sweet and this made a lovely refreshing yet indulgent dessert. If lemon isn't your thing then there is also a Chocolate Honeycomb Cake Slice available.

I loved both of these cream cakes and I love that they come in portion sizes for 1 person. This is not something that you see often when it comes to dessert but it's a great idea because you can mix and match. I could also imagine these all set out nicely on a cake stand for a posh afternoon tea! I don't need to pay £50 a head at the Ritz or whatever it is, I will just go down Tesco and stock up on these!

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  1. LOL at The Ritz!

    The white choc and lemon slice sounds right up my street. I'm not a fan of Profiteroles though so even the gold fudge doesn't tempt me with those haha. Not a fan of choux pastry at all.