Saturday, 23 March 2013

REVIEW! The Original Crispy Candy Co. Camden Lock Market

The Original Crispy Candy Co. Camden Lock Market

Since I first heard of The Original Crispy Candy Co. on Twitter, Mr Review Addict and I have been looking for an excuse to pay them a visit. Well as it was the Southbank Chocolate Festival today we headed into London and after we were done there we headed over to Camden. The Original Crispy Candy Co. is based in a little pink hut at Camden Lock Market and specialises in deep fried confectionery.

I am sure that many people in the UK have tried a deep fried Mars Bar and from what I hear they are quite popular with tourists too. Well Crispy Candy do things bit a differently; they don't just deep fry Mars Bars, they deep fry all sorts of chocolate bars, and not only is deep fried in buttermilk pancake batter!

The Original Crispy Candy Co. Camden Lock Market
Sneaky Snickers
It was difficult to choose from the menu, everything sounded so nice! I was temped by the Oreo and the Rolo Kebabs sounded amazing but in the end I had to go for The Bountiful which as you have probably guessed is a deep fried Bounty. Mr Review Addict went for the Sneaky Snickers.

The Original Crispy Candy Co. Camden Lock Market
The Bountiful
You can have all sorts of toppings on your Crispy Candy and/or cream, but we both went for it plain as we really wanted to appreciate that batter!

The batter was absolutely gorgeous, and although it looks quite dark in my photos (please excuse the poor pictures, it was freezing cold and snowing) it was cooked just right and was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I was a little cautious when first biting into my Bountiful at first because I feared that it would be like a McDonalds pie and I would burn my face off but the inside was just the right temperature. It was nice and warm but not so warm that everything was molten lava.

We both loved our deep fried treats and the batter is awesome. Next time I am in Camden I will be sure to visit The Original Crispy Candy Co. again as I think I need to go back for an Oreo!

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  1. Those look amazing. I went to Camden last year and if I knew this place existed I would have been all over the coated Lion bar!!

  2. Ooh I like the sound of this! I think you definitely have to go back and sample some more Crispy Candy :) I would probably go for this, Snickers or Toffee Crisp myself.

  3. they was lush! i had rolo and reccomend it as i went with my family and all had to go back so they could buy another one- this time rolo because they liked mine so much! best thing i have ever tasted ***** STARS!