Wednesday, 6 March 2013

REVIEW! Coke Zero Cherry

Back in January I reviewed Pepsi Max Cherry which was very nice and I have been drinking it regularly since. In that review I mentioned how I love Cherry Coke but I prefer to stick to sugar free drinks as much as possible and I haven't been impressed with Diet Coke Cherry. I always hoped that they would bring out a Coke Zero Cherry in the UK as generally I do prefer Coke to Pepsi as I think it is sweet and less gassy. Now it appears that my wish has come true (I am a simple girl, I don't wish for much).

I found Coke Zero Cherry in Asda today and picked up an 8 can multi pack for £2 but they also had 2 litre bottles for the same price. It is packaged in the familiar black red and white Coke Zero design and unsurprisingly has the addition of the cherry on the label.

Apparently Coke Zero was originally marketed towards young adult males as apparently Diet Coke is too feminine for them, well as a woman it's too watery for me, I prefer Coke Zero too and I don't even feel butch drinking it.

Coke Zero Cherry tasted exactly as I had hoped, like Coke Zero with a hint of cherry. It is very sweet but refreshing and far less chemical tasting than Diet Coke Cherry.

The cherry flavour is probably not as strong as in Pepsi Max Cherry but overall I preferred the taste and I would go as far to say that actually I preferred this to Cherry Coke because it is less syrupy so felt more thirst-quenching!


  1. I like cherry Coke but I don't like the diet version either. I'll definitely be giving this one a try!

  2. Ohhh yaaay, uber happy about this post! About time coke zero done something like this, after reading your post on pepsi max cherry, I fell in love with it haha! Sooo good, and coke zero is my staple drink, so cannot wait to run out and pick this product up, here's to hoping my Asda stocks it! Great post Hannah, thanks for keeping us informed :D!