Tuesday, 12 March 2013

REVIEW! ChokaBlok Hot Chocolate Big Dippers

ChokaBlok Hot Chocolate Big Dippers The Rocky Road

ChokaBlok Hot Chocolate Big Dippers are basically big lumps of chocolate loaded with other goodies that you stir into some milk or hot chocolate to make a very chocolatey drink. They are available in 4 flavours: Cookie Crumb Mon-Star, Gold Digger Dynamite, The Chocolate Extremist and The Rocky Road.

I actually don't drink hot chocolate as I cannot stand milk, but my Milky Drinks Consultant aka Mr Review Addict loves the stuff so I purchased this The Rocky Road Big Dipper for him to try and made him review it for me. I bought it in Tesco for £1 and when melted into 200ml of semi-skimmed milk it is approximately 250 calories.

The Big Dipper is 30g in weight and The Rocky Road consists of a big chunk of milk chocolate with some marshmallows on top. It comes with a plastic spoon stuck into it to allow you to easily melt it into the drink whilst stirring.

ChokaBlok Hot Chocolate Big Dippers The Rocky RoadChokaBlok Hot Chocolate Big Dippers The Rocky Road

The deal was that if I wanted Mr Review Addict to give me his thoughts then I had to make the drink for him (I'm sure I have been stitched up here), so those are not his turquoise nails that you can see in the photo. I heated some milk and then stirred in the Big Dipper which melted easily and the spoon was really handy.

ChokaBlok Hot Chocolate Big Dippers The Rocky Road

The hot chocolate smelt really chocolatey and apparently it tasted really sweet and was quite thick and silky in consistency. The marshmallows had all melted and there were no "bits" left in the glass.

Mr Review Addict really enjoyed this ChokaBlok Big Dipper and would definitely try them again. I was a little jealous and wish I had bought one for myself as I could have just eaten it off the spoon or tried it stirred into a coffee (black of course). Mr Review Addict awards ChokaBlok Big Dippers 4 stars.


  1. These look great, it's amazing how it can all melt away without any bits - I'll have to try one! Even though I hate milk too, I'm ok with making hot chocolates with Alpro soya.

    1. I've not really tried soya milk...it still looks to milky to me!

  2. Ohhhh these looks amazing!!! I see them all the time in tescos and have always wanted to try them, especially the white hot chocolate one! White chocolate is my undoing, always looking out for a good white hot choc haha, great review Hannah, to you and Mr review Addict....he's got the right idea, good deal he stitched you up with haha! :)