Saturday, 16 March 2013

FOOD NEWS! New Flavours of ChokaBlok Ice Cream Sticks

ChokaBlok Totally Minted Ice Cream Sticks

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of ChokaBlok products and after recently reviewing their Easter Eggs and Hot Chocolate Big Dippers, I was excited to hear that they will be adding 2 new flavours to their Ice Cream Stick range: Totally Minted and Cookie Crumb Mon-Star.

They will come in boxes of 3 ice creams and will be available in exclusively in Tesco from the 18th March, priced at £1.99. Looks like I am going to have quite a big shopping list next week as the new Tesco chilled desserts that I told you about yesterday are coming out at the same time.

Totally Minted is creamy white mint ice cream, with dark chocolate covered mint pieces and marbled with chocolate mint fondant. It is coated in a Belgian milk chocolate shell and sugar mint pieces. If the Totally Minted Easter Egg is anything to go by then this flavour is going to be awesome.

The Cookie Crumb Mon-Star ice cream has a Belgian white chocolate shell, smothered in cookie crumble. The ice cream is vanilla and packed with sweet cookie crumble and milk chocolate drops. I reviewed the Cookie Crumb Mon-Star Chocolate Love Heart for Valentines day and it was just delicious so I guess that means I will have to try these ice creams too...oh what a shame!

ChokaBlok Cookie Crumb Mon-Star Ice Cream Sticks


  1. Ooh these sound ace. The Totally Minted is one I'm particularly curious to try.