Friday, 8 February 2013

REVIEW! Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies

Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies

After seeing review of these Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies by Chelsea on her Creamy Steaks blog, I decided I had to go an get myself a box. I found these in Asda, priced at £1.35 for a box of 6 cakes.

The little pies are described as a light pastry case, filled with rich chocolate flavoured mousse, topped with chocolate flavour icing and chocolate flavoured sugar strands. I will be honest and say that I was a little disappointed at the size of these pies, it's been a while since I have eaten a Mr Kipling pie but I was expecting something a little bigger for the 211 calories.  Surprisingly though that is less than in a Mr Kipling Apple pie which is a similar size and contains 232 calories...anyway we are not interested in apple pies right now.

Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies

I decided to heat up the pie as Chelsea recommended in her review and it does say on the box that the pies are delicious warm. I followed the heating instructions which said to remove the foil and heat on full power for 10 seconds.  I cut into the pie and this made a right old mess with chocolate spilling out everywhere, so if you try this, make sure you use a plate!

Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies

The pastry didn't really get warm at all and neither did the chocolate icing, it just kind of melted a bit.  I was half tempted to put it back into the microwave but decided to go with it and I am glad I did.  The pastry was soft and crumbly and the chocolate icing was sweet and sugary with a slight bit of crunch from the chocolate strands.  The only warm part of this pie was the chocolate mousse filling, which isn't really a mousse, it's more like a chocolate fondant.  It was deliciously thick and actually the fact that the pasty wasn't warm just highlighted the rich warm chocolatey centre.

I take it back about the size of these Mississippi Mud Pies, they are quite rich and very sweet so in hindsight they are probably the right size. I may be tempted to serve them with a bit of ice cream next time, you can't beat that combo of hot and cold.

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