Monday, 11 February 2013

REVIEW! Goodfella's Delizia Light Pizza

Goodfella's Delizia Light Pizza

I was asked to review Goodfella's Delizia Light Pizzas by one my readers, this was a product I hadn't seen before so I was happy to oblige.  I managed to find them in Asda and the box of 2 frozen pizzas was £2.00. 

The Delizia range consists of 3 flavours: Italian Meats with Caramelised Onions, Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Mozzarella, and Chargrilled Chicken, Red Pepper and Pesto which is the flavour I have chosen to review.  These 7 inch pizzas are designed for one person and are all less than 400 calories each.
Goodfella's Delizia Light Pizza

Instructions were to cook for 10-12 mins at 180C for a fan assisted oven.  There is no need for a baking tray but I always use one of those pizza trays because I cannot stand the mess you get from some pizzas...scraping melted cheese off my oven is not my idea of fun. Actually I need not have worried with this particular pizza as there was no mess at all.

The pizza smelt very nice and there was quite a strong garlic smell coming from my kitchen whilst I was cooking it, well I say putting a frozen pizza in the oven really considered cooking?

Goodfella's Delizia Light PizzaGoodfella's Delizia Light Pizza

The cooking time appeared to be about right, I went with the 12 minutes as I like my pizzas crispy. I cut it into 4 sections using a pizza wheel which was quite easy to do. The base was thin and crispy as promised on the box but definitely more so on the edges than in the middle, but overall it wasn't a bad base for a frozen pizza.

There wasn't much chicken on the pizza so that was a little disappointing but the red pepper was really good as it had a nice roasted flavour to it.  The pesto wasn't that strong but added a hint of garlic to the taste. There isn't much cheese or sauce so it seems a little dry but I suppose to keep it under 400 calories they need to cut back on things like this.

Would I recommend this pizza? Well it depends what you are looking for; if you are looking for a junk food fix or some grease then no, I very much doubt this pizza is for you.  If however you are looking for a lighter alternative then it's not bad for 400 calories and it's not a bad price either. I am generally not a huge fan of lighter versions of food like pizza, I see that they are trying to offer a "healthier"substitute but sadly this means cutting back on all the things I love about pizza: cheese, sauce and lots of toppings. If I am watching calories then personally I would just rather have a smaller piece of a normal pizza than one of these "light" versions.

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