Thursday, 3 January 2013

REVIEW! ChokaBlok Chocolate Love Hearts

ChokaBlok Chocolate Love Hearts

I know Christmas has only just been and gone but today I am reviewing a Valentine's Day product!  The lovely people at the Tesco Press Office sent me these 2 ChokaBlok Chocolate Love Hearts which I was thrilled about! Yes that's right Valentine's Day will soon be upon us and these ChokaBlok Chocolate Love Hearts will be available exclusively in Tesco from the 21st of January, priced at £4 each.

You may recall back last year that I reviewed ChokaBlok Chocolate Christmas Trees which I thought would make great novelty gifts, well these Chocolate Love Hearts are very similar in that they are basically large chocolate hearts packed with other goodies...or "Chok full of love" as the packaging says!

ChokaBlok Chocolate Love HeartsChokaBlok Chocolate Love Hearts

The hearts are available in 2 of the ChokaBlok flavours; Rocky Road of Love which is a chunky chocolate heart with handfuls of pretty pink and white mini marshmallows, glossy dark chocolate hearts and crunchy shortcake biscuits balls; and Cookie Crumb Mon-star which is a smooth creamy white chocolate heart with their famous cookies pieces swirled into the mix and then topped with crunchy shortcake biscuit balls and an explosion of milk chocolate stars.

ChokaBlok Chocolate Love HeartsChokaBlok Chocolate Love Hearts

Cookie Crumb Mon-star was a flavour that I already reviewed back when I did the Christmas trees which I throughly enjoyed especially being a huge fan of white chocolate.

I think that The Rocky Road of Love is the only ChokaBlok flavour that I hadn't tried and it could well be my new favourite! The milk chocolate was delicious and quite thick which is always good and the crunchy biscuit bits and the chewy marshmallow give it that awesome rocky road texture.  The dark chocolate was a good addition because it ensured that the other flavours weren't too sickly.

Well I gave the ChokaBlok Christmas Trees 4 stars but I didn't get to try the Rocky Road of Love flavour which is very, very nice, so these ChokaBlok Chocolate Love Hearts are getting an extra half a star from me.  I would be thrilled to receive one of these for Valentine's day!

Check out the ChokaBlok website for more goodies such as ice cream, chocolate and cakes.  You can also follow them on Twitter @ChokaBlokUK or like their Facebook Page


  1. Wow, they both look delicious! I can't believe I still haven't tried anything from the Chokablok range.

  2. I haven't tried anything from the Chokablok range either... yet. These hearts do look extremely tempting. I'd also love to get one of these for Valentine's day, I'll have to drop hints to the hubby lol!