Thursday, 6 December 2012

REVIEW! Tony Roma's Carolina Honeys BBQ Sauce

Tony Roma's Carolina Honeys BBQ Sauce

I purchased this Tony Roma's Carolina Honeys BBQ Sauce from Tony's Roma's on International Drive.  For anyone who doesn't know Tony Roma's they started in Miami in 1972 and are famous for their ribs.  We actually do have Tony Roma's in the UK (in Kingston and Braehead) but sadly they don't sell their sauces over here.  There is one that you can buy on Amazon but apparently it's not the same so I have stayed clear but this stuff being straight from the restaurant is the real deal!  Tony Roma's actually sell 3 other sauces; Tony's Original, Blue Ridge Smokies and Tony Roma's Red Hots, but Carolina Honeys is by far my favourite.  

This sauce is usually intend for their famous ribs, but not being a fan of ribs I first tried it on Carolina Honey's chicken tenders which are amazing.

The sauce smells really strong, the tomatoes and vinegar are quite apparent as you would expect from a BBQ sauce and I can also smell hints of the honey and spices.  I must admit that I don't particularly like the smell but the taste is rich and smokey but with a slight kick to it.  The honey makes it deliciously sweet but the spices add a nice heat and it is the perfect combination.  It is not a very thick sauce as it's intended as more of a marinade and a little bit goes a long way as it is so full of flavour.

This BBQ sauce is the best that I have ever tried.  As I mentioned earlier, it was intended for ribs but I will eat it with just about anything.  It's goes great with burgers but it has also found it's way into a cheese toasty with a slice of pineapple...gorgeous!

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