Monday, 17 December 2012

REVIEW! Sausage and Crispy Bacon Flavour Pringles

Sausage and Crispy Bacon Flavour Pringles

Christmas Pringles!  I spotted 2 festive Pringles flavours today; these Sausage and Crispy Bacon Flavour and there was also a Roast Turkey Flavour.  Not being a fan of turkey I gave the latter a miss but Sausage and Crispy Bacon flavour sounded too good to pass on.

I have read reviews on some of the US blogs that I follow with envy about their special edition Pringles flavours.  Check out The Impulsive Buy's review of White Chocolate Peppermint and Cinnamon and Sugar Flavours and Junk Food Guy's review of Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Flavour.  I wasn't even aware that we had festive Pringles in the UK so I was rather excited to find these in Tesco today. 

Sausage and Crispy Bacon Flavour PringlesI loved the Christmassy packaging of these Pringles, even though "Merry Pringles" isn't exactly marketing genius and the sausage in crispy bacon does look a bit suspect.

I found the name curious, I assumed that everyone called sausage wrapped in bacon a "pig in blanket",  at least in that is what we call them in the UK and I would have found "Pig in Blanket" flavour more festive that Sausage and Crispy Bacon Flavour.  Perhaps the name is to appeal to the global market as I believe in the US that a pig in blankets refers to a sausage wrapped in dough? (US readers, please corrected me if I am wrong.)

I expected these Pringles to taste much the same as the standard Crispy Bacon flavour but actually I thought they were a lot nicer. They had a bit of a herby-ness about them which is where I assume the sausage comes in and this was a really nice combo.

These are a nice addition to the Pringles range for the festive season and I will probably buy these again.  I am not sure if these are a regular Christmas flavour in the UK, I would be interested to know if these have appeared before, either way I hope they are back next year!


  1. I am going to Tesco tomorrow without fail!! Excellent find :D

  2. You are correct about pigs in a blanket.

  3. These pigs in a blanket sound delicious! Jealous!