Monday, 3 December 2012

REVIEW! Giordano's Stuffed Pizza Pie

Giordano's Stuffed Pizza Pie

Giordano's was another restaurant that we visited whilst in Orlando.  They specialise in Chicago-style stuffed pizzas which is something that I had never tried before, in fact I wasn't even sure what a Chicago-style stuffed pizza was but it sounded good to me!

When we turned up, this place was packed which I took to be a good sign and we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.  The staff were very good and regularly checked on us and got us seated as quickly as possible.  Whilst we waited I was kept amused by watching the huge pizzas coming out of the kitchen, I had never seen such big, deep pizzas before and according to the menu, Giodano's stuffed pizza pies are 40% bigger than their top competitors.

Once seated, we decided to order a cheese and pepperoni stuffed pizza and we went for the smallest size which the menu advised would serve 2.  We were told by our server that the food would take around 35 minutes to arrive due to the cooking time required for such a deep pizza.  We didn't mind waiting as we were excited to taste one of these pizzas!  The advised 35 minute wait time was pretty much spot on but our server kept us going with drinks throughout.

The pizza looked amazing and even though I had been watching them coming out of the kitchen I was still surprised at the size of the thing when it arrived.  The cheese was on the bottom of the pizza which I found unusual and then a layer of pepperoni followed by the tomato sauce on the top.  The amount of cheese in these pizza is unbelievable; well to someone who isn't used to this style of pizza anyway, and it was quite heavy going.  It tasted amazing however and the tomato sauce was really nice and herby.  I am one of these people that rarely eats the crust on pizza but I loved the crust on this one.  It was very high and was flaky and crispy; more like a pastry than the usual doughy crust that I am used to in the UK.

My husband and I managed 2 slices each of the 6 slice pizza so personally I think this could have easily served 3.  I really enjoyed my stuffed pizza from Giordano's and next time we are in Orlando I will be sure to visit them again.


  1. I've never seen or tasted a pizza pie before but that sounds really delicious!

  2. This pizza pie looks amazing, like something out of Man Vs Food! That cheese filling is huuuuge!