Sunday, 14 October 2012

REVIEW! Llama's BBQ Whole Wheat Bakes Bites

Llama's BBQ Whole Wheat Bakes BitesLlama's BBQ Whole Wheat Bakes Bites

I spotted these in Tesco, what a strange name for a snack! Llama's BBQ Whole Wheat Bites intrigued me.  According to the packet these are "one mammals missions to rid the world of boring snacks".  Well Llama shaped snacks are certainly a bit of a novelty but would they live up to the promise of a big kick of flavour?

I loved the crazy packaging, it's bright and bold and they really stand out on the shelf.  There are also Cheese and Sweet Chilli flavours available and each 150g packet costs £1.69.

Llama's are oven-baked crackers so they are crunchy like a biscuit.  I would liken them to a digestive...a BBQ flavoured digestive with a bit of a kick to it.  That probably doesn't sound too appealing but they are actually really tasty.

1/6 of a bag will set you back 100 calories and 4g of fat which is less fat than your average packet of crisps, but the trouble is if you find these a bit tasty then you might end up eating more than the recommended serving size as with these sharing bags it really is just too tempting.

I really enjoyed Llama's BBQ Whole Wheat Bites.  I loved the sweet and savoury combination and they certainly were packed with flavour.  You definitely cannot call these Llama shaped snacks boring! I imagine that kids would love these...and big kids too.

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