Wednesday, 19 September 2012

REVIEW! Alpen Light Cherry Bakewell Bar

Alpen Light Cherry Bakewell Bar

I have mentioned before that I follow Slimming World and last week I got to my target weight...YAY ME!!  Anyway, through Slimming World I have discovered Alpen Light Bars as they are very similar to the HiFi Light bars that Slimming World sell at their meetings.  These Cherry Bakewell bars are a new flavour from Alpen Light and I have being hearing rave reviews so I had to try them for myself.

Boxes of 5 bars are currently available in Tesco for £1.99.  Each bar weighs 19g and contains just 70 calories and 1.1g of fat which is almost half of the amount of fat in a regular Alpen bar.  They are also quite high in fibre and contain prebiotics which apparently aids digestion.  For my readers who follow Slimming World, you probably already know all about Alpen Light bars but just incase you don't you are allowed 2 of these as a Healthy Extra B or 1 bar is 3 syns.

Alpen Light Cherry Bakewell Bar

The bars consist of mixed cereal with apple, almonds, cherry and a yogurt flavour drizzle on the top.

Alpen Light Cherry Bakewell Bar

I have to say that I was surprised at how nice these were.  I liked the Alpen Light Chocolate And Fudge Bars but I have found the fruity flavours a bit bland.  However, these Cherry Bakewell bars were delicious!  They were really sweet and tasted to me like they had way more than 70 calories and really did remind me of a cherry bakewell cake.  Also I found this bar surprisingly filling for such a low calorie snack, and they are great to have on the go when I go swimming before work and need a quick breakfast.

I have already stocked up on these.  They are more expensive than the Slimming World bars but as yet Slimming World does not do Cherry Bakewell flavour so I am prepared to pay that little bit extra.


  1. Congrats on getting to your target weight, that is fabulous!

    I like these Alpen bars too, I usually keep one in my bag for when I'm out and about. I like the Apple & Sultana one best so far. I haven't tried the Cherry Bakewell but it's next on my list now!

  2. I second the comment by Grocery Gems - yay you for reaching your target!

    I used to buy cereal bars quite a lot but then I found them getting sweeter and sweeter (a bit rich coming from a chocolate bar fan...). I didn't eat them for a while but now I'm bamboozled by the immensity of the cereal bar range. It's exploded in the last 3-4 years. That said, your recommendation of these will probably mean I hunt them down at some point. Good job. :)

  3. Thanks Marcus and Katherine :) Now I just have to keep it off!

  4. Oooh gonna try these. Slimming world just launched a cherry bakewell one but its just too sweet for me and I can only have 1 as a healthy extra. These come in at 5 in a box where the slimming world ones only 3 for £1.45 i think so overall better option here :D

    1. I've not tried the new HiFi yet but have heard it's not as nice as these Alpen bars. I will give it a go next time I go to a my meeting.

  5. Cereal bars are probably the worst sort of junk you can buy at a supermarket. Gram for gram they aren't low calorie; they're sugar ridden crap.