Monday, 27 August 2012

REVIEW! Muller Light Greek Style Coconut with A Hint of Vanilla

Muller Light Greek Style Coconut with A Hint of VanillaMuller Light Greek Style Coconut with A Hint of Vanilla

You may have seen the advert for Muller Light Greek Style yogurts, it's the one with the two women chatting about how creamy fat free yogurt must be a myth and then the camera pans out and they turn out to have the bodies of horses as they are in fact centaurs (I see what they did there with the whole Greek Mythology thing). I personally find this advert really cheesy and annoying but what did I think of the yogurt that they were advertising?

To be honest I never ate much yogurt before I started following the Slimming World plan, I hate milk and yogurt just reminded me too much of it.  But seeing as many fat free yogurts are considered free foods I kind of forced myself to eat them and ended up starting to enjoy them!  

I am a BIG fan of coconut, if I see anything with coconut in it, then chances are I will buy it.  I do like the Muller Light Coconut Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate but I have never tried Greek Style yogurt before.  Muller Light Greek Style Coconut with a Hint of Vanilla is available in a four pack, I purchased mine in Tesco for just over £2.

The 120g pots are smaller than the usual Muller Lights at 165g and for those of you following Slimming World, these are not free but are still only half a syn.  Nutritional information can be found on the Muller Website

When I pealed back the lid the first thing that hit me was the delicious smell of coconut and I was surprised that it smelt of real coconut and not at all artificial.  I gave the yogurt a stir and noticed how thick and creamy it was.  From my understanding Greek Yogurt is thicker than normal yogurt as it is strained to remove the whey thus giving it a thicker consistency.

Muller Light Greek Style Coconut with A Hint of Vanilla

The yogurt tasted delicious and the hint of vanilla really complimented the coconut.  It was sweet but didn't taste too much of sweetener which is sometimes the case with fat free yogurts.  It was filling for such a little pot and made a really nice dessert.

I loved Muller Light Greek Style Coconut with a Hint of Vanilla.  It was worth spending half a syn instead of the 0 syns of the normal Muller Light and I much preferred the thicker consistency.  I look forward to trying the other flavours.


  1. Looks absolutely delicious, I'll definitely be looking out for this next time I'm in the supermarket.

  2. I bought some today from Sainsbury's, they were £2.19 and buy one get one free! They are very yummy.

    I loved the coconut flavour, like you say it's not artificial at all. The added vanilla is gorgeous too.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Katherine
      Hope you are well. I thought you might like these being a fellow coconut fan. They are awesome aren't they, glad you liked them.

  3. I love Muller products, but haven't yet seen these on tv or in the supermarket - will have a proper look next time! I'm a fellow coconut lover too :)

  4. I just bought some of the Cherry flavour, they are really nice too!